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Patient’s Rights
  1. The right to compassionate care, receiving full respect for his/her dignity, regardless of nationality, color, age, sex, religion, and physical infirmity or condition .
  2. The right to know by name the physician, nurses, and staff members involved in the treatment. 
  3. The right to be seen by the consultant within twenty four (24) hours from admission and onwards, on a regular basis, during the period of admission. 
  4. The right to know, in a language that the patient understands, not only the physician but also the complete information on the case, diagnosis, and plans for treatment as well as any other instructions about the follow-up care.
  5. the right to be provided with a comfortable and conducive atmosphere where patients and authorized family members can openly discuss about the illness in full confidentiality and privacy.
  6. The right to be informed of the reason/s  for any test or diagnostic procedure/s that will be done, including the other necessary treatment/s and to know the medical personnel or team who is going to administer the procedures and treatment. 
  7. The right to know the nature and all inherent risks of any procedure to which the patient has agreed and has given consent.
  8. The right to refuse in signing the consent form any test or procedure that he feels he has little or insufficient information to rely on.
  9. The right to change his/her mind and to refuse any test or procedure though previously consented to.
  10. The right to limit those persons who would visit or call during admission, in accordance with the hospital policy and procedure.
  11. The right to refuse treatment after becoming aware or gaining knowledge of possible risks and consequences.
  12. The right to expect respect for his personal privacy to the fullest extent consistent with the care prescribed for.
  13. The right to expect that all communications and other records pertaining to his admission, treatment and follow-up care be kept confidential.
  14. The right to obtain any information or documents, such as medical reports, sick leave, ets. As documented in the medical chart.
  15. The right to request consultation or second opinion from another physician(s) through the treating consultant guided by the hospital's administrative policy.
  16. The right to request for a change of physician as per hospital policy.
  17. The right to change or transfer to another hospital as per hospital policy.
  18. The right to refuse to participate or be the subject in any Medical Training Program and Research Project/s. And he/she also have the right to withdraw at any stage, from an on-going research in which the patient has been involved as subject, without discrimination of the quality of care due him.
  19. The right to be discharged from the hospital, upon personal discretion, regardless of the physician's advice provided that waiver is signed.
  20. The right to choose the person who would represent him in signing the hospital documents including release of information.
  21. When upon discharge from the hospital, the right to have proper medical prescriptions, follow-up appointments and to obtain all the sufficient home follow-up care information and instructions.
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