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Admission Procedure

The Admission Department is the frontline of our service so that it is considered one of the main divisions of Procare Hospital. Upon a physician's recommendation for a patient's admission, the Department takes the responsibility to handl all process until discharge.

There are three types of which the patient is admitted:

  1. Emergency:

    Any patient may be admitted to Procare Hospital on an emergency basis when there is an urgency of treatment procedure that requires immediate admission. It is always preferable and advantageous for the patient to have with him/her a family member, a guardian (in the case of infants and children) or a friend for proper obtaining of personal and medical history and information, in regard to the emergency.

  2. Elective:

    A patient from the Out-Patient Department (located at the Ground Floor) , after an initial appointment with a physician may elect to be admitted. Here, confinement is upon the discretion of the patient as his/her life is not in imminent danger.

Patients may be admitted at Procare Hospital by way of the following payment categories or schemes:

  1. Cash Category:

    A patient affirms his responsibility to pay for all of the expenses necessary for the treatment or surgery. He must sign a financial agreement which states all payments will be settled before his discharge from the hospital. A down payment must be paid before admission which may include an itemized or an estimated cost of all medical procedures. A receipt will be issued upon payment. In case of inability of the patient to pay the deposit at once, a promissory note may be secured and which promissory note is valid only within 24 hours and he is compelled to settle after it elapses.

  2. Credit category:

    If in case a patient’s employer or sponsor pledges to pay for the expenses incurred at Procare Hospital, a current financial agreement with the hospital must be signed.

  3. Insurance category:

    This is when the patient is covered by any insurance company which maintains a current account with Procare Hospital. In this case, pre-approval by the said insurance company is required.

  4. Referral admission:

    Should a patient be transferred from another hospital, or medical facility, Procare Hospital requires the necessary approval from the Medical Director and particular doctors referred.

Pre admission procedure:

  1. Present a copy of the patient’s national ID for Saudis, and a copy of his insurance ID (if insured). A copy of IQAMA for non Saudis is required.
  2. If a patient is insured, ask for an estimated cost and probable length of stay in the hospital that may be needed for the approval of the specific Insurance Company.
  3. An orientation on hospital policies will be given before you will be asked to sign and conform to the said policies and guidelines for admission.
  4. A hospital room will then be assigned upon coordination with the Senior Nurse of the ward nearest to it.

What to bring upon admission

The patient and sitter must bring his own personal toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, comb, slipper / shoes, together with the patient’s medical paraphernalia used at home. Bringing of valuables, jewelry, credit cards, or large sum of money is strictly discouraged..

Important information:

Below are some important information and advice on what one can expect during his/her stay with us:

  1. Accommodation:

    we have three types of rooms. During your stay in the hospital you may choose to be in a private or –VIP suite or -royal suite. Each room makes your stay as comfortable as possible. However, additional charges must be paid should one want to avail of other room facilities or occupy a more upgraded room. Requests may be coursed through the Admission Office.

  2. Food and nutrition:

    Based on individual patient's choice, and in the absence of health restrictions, the hospital offers the required nutritious meals to patients. Additional meals may be served upon request or whenever needed by patient. A dietician staff may visit the patient in the room to inquire of your choices and to answer your queries . It is almost always depending on your health needs and conditions that the physician assigned to you may recommend a proper and special diet while admitted in the hospital.

  3. Patient valuables:

    The hospital clearly advises all patients not to bring valuables ( large sums of cash, jewelry,and other expensive belongings) into the hospital, as it will not be responsible for any loss. However, we offer certain safekeeping procedures at the nurse station in each ward nearest your room.

  4. Social Services:

    The hospital has a Social Services Department which gives assistance to patients and family members/ companions in case of any social and financial problems that may be encountered during the course of treatment, and those which may limit a patient’s optimum benefit. In addition the department assists patients and their families to avail of any resources in the community such as any public or government services. A social worker may be assigned to visit you, and provide you with necessary information about the available services through the hospital and this particular department.

  5. Phone calls:

    A patient may be reached through phone by his/her family members, relatives and friends through a direct extension. An outgoing call may also be made by dialing the number 9. For national calls (mobile and outside Khubar /Dammam), and international calls, access may be gained through the hospital operator by dialing zero (0) . Telephone charges will automatically be added to your hospital bill.

  6. “QIBLA” Direction and prayer

    For Muslim population, the “QIBLA” direction has been identified by a tag inside the patient’s closet. Prayer areas are available in some hospital locations. You may inquire about such locations from hospital personnel and staff.

  7. Visiting policies:

    The patient may be visited by his family, relatives or friends during the day up to ten o’clock (10:00) in the evening. Patients have the right to refuse or reject any visitors by notifying and issuing the nurse station a list of people who are not allowed to visit or enter the room.

    In the case of ICU patients or those staying in isolated rooms, the restrictions for visits rest upon the physician assigned to him.

  8. Flowers:

    Request for flowers to lighten up a patient’s room may be requested from the Patient Relations Department. Proper coordination is required.

  9. Internet:

    Access to the internet may be gained upon request from the nurses at the station.

Our duty: We are committed and available to admit any patient at anytime of the day, seven days a week.

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